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Balterio Impressio Aged Castle Oak 703

This collection with decors varying from light to dark is a real eyecatcher in any interior.
The planks are shorter and wider than the standard laminate planks, and the brushed
finish creates a worn and robust look. This tough plank floor gives the impression
it has withstood the ravages of time. 

Sold Per pack Each Pack Contains 2.4615m² = 8 planks 
Plank Size 1261 x 244mm 
Thickness 8mm 
Brushed Finish

V Groove 
With the embossed in register process, the laminate becomes really true to nature.
The surface structure matches the underlaying
wood décor perfectly and gives you the feel of a solid wood floor.

25 Year Residential Warranty
12 Year Commercial Warranty  

Living Room
Dining Room


Balterio is certified:
ISO 9001 for quality management   |   ISO 14001 for environmental management   |   OHSAS 18001 for health and safety management 

We only use PEFC certified HDF for Balterio branded products. This means that the wood comes from well managed forests, the so called ‘clean wood” and for each tree cut, a new one is planted. Read more.

All Balterio brand laminate flooring products are certified Blue Angel. 
The purpose of Blue angel is to give answers to the growing information needs of consumers for healthy and environmental friendly products.

All Balterio brand laminate products have obtained the highest class A+ presenting the best indoor air quality.